Hi!  I’m Erika

My life is full of family, faith, and fun! ………………..and coffee…….lots and lots of coffee

I started this blog as Prey Species back in 2011.  I was completing a residency in veterinary medicine and training to run a half marathon.  Like a prey species I spent way too much time stressing about things that didn’t matter; irate clients, over bearing mentors, and faster runners. I spent the bulk (pun intended) of my final year of my residency pregnant and gave birth a month after I received my certification of completion.  I had always planned to teach veterinary medicine at the college level, but once our daughter arrived, my  husband and I made a joint, life changing decision that would make me a stay at home parent and a homeschooling Mom.  Christmas 2014 with logo

As a new mom who had never planned to be one, I was unprepared for the first precious, trying, and meaningful months.  Those who knew me professionally kept expecting me to go back to work.  I felt pressured and uncomfortable.  I felt even more like a prey species only this time the predators were judgmental moms and prior colleagues.  The biggest threat; however, was my own doubt and insecurity.  I relied heavily on my faith, praying almost constantly for guidance.  It was then that I finally realized I wasn’t a Prey Species, I was a Pray Species. My web site and home base was born.

Life as Pray Species

I have an amazing husband, two wild and wonderful toddlers, and the most precious, snugly, squish-able baby boy EVER.  We’re all totally in love with our newest addition! We also share our home with a bevy of furred and feathered creatures whom we love, but that often thwart and frustrate us as much as the toddlers!  This blog is my creative outlet and a place for me to connect with other moms!  I love trying new things and sharing what I’ve learned; things that worked and things that didn’t.  I’m very open to comments, conversation, and camaraderie from my readers and other bloggers.  My favorite ways to interact are on the blog via comments, Facebook, or Instagram.  I’m always up for a good conversation with a fellow toddler or home school Mom – let’s connect!

Who this Site is For

Pray Species is a community for Moms, home schoolers, animal lovers, book addicts, DIYers, crafters, and life long learners.  Here you’ll find creative ideas for family fun, toddler learning, and celebrating the everyday.  You’ll also find a fellow Mom who doesn’t have it all figured out, but loves to share anyway.  A person who is confident she’s imperfect, but loved anyway and excited about getting to know you and hear all about your family and your adventures.  Take a moment and say hi!

Glimpses of Me

My husband and I met in veterinary school.

I’m a mom to two toddlers; one boy and one girl.  And an infant!

I breastfeed for the first year and co-sleep, but use disposable diapers.

I’m the oldest of 2; I had a younger brother who was a musician.

My mother lives very close; right down the hallway.  She’s a Godsend.

My father passed away when I was an undergraduate at Miami Univ.  He’s missed everyday, but the gifts he brought to my life; passion for God’s creations, drive for knowledge, and love of family are still with me today.

We have just started to home school the preschool years and I love playing, crafting, and learning with my kids.

I love to read almost everything, but romance and non-fiction are my favorites.

Prior to staying home, I worked as a avian, exotic, and zoological animal veterinarian.

I used to play the clarinet, but have always wanted to learn how to play the piano.

I love vanilla ice and pumpkin lattes.

I love coffee, but can NEVER drink it during pregnancy without getting nauseous.

I love connecting with other moms and sharing family friendly crafts and activities.

I’m very found of celebrating holidays in grand fashion.

I would love to make more in person friends and hang out, but I’m too tired.

I used to run with a good friend, but then I moved and had babies….now, I’m more into Zumba.  I’m hoping my body and running will get along better in the future!

I firmly believe we are meant to celebrate our faith in our daily life.