Welcome! I’m Erika, the voice behind Prey Species; a blog about my love of family, motherhood, great stories, charity, education, and life experience. I’m really glad you are here 🙂

I’m an evolving 30-something trying to figure out how to cram all the living I want to do into one precious lifespan. I’m currently living in Eastern TN with my unceasingly tolerant husband and our first child, affectionately known as Little Pants or Itty Bitty. She arrived with dramatic flair and stole our hearts along with large parts of our sanity and sleep, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. I now spend significant amounts of time researching everything baby from feeding and sleeping to clothing and education and can typically find a few resources out there who think I’m doing it exactly right while others are convinced I’ve doomed her forever already 🙂

We share our home with a delightful bevy of furry, feathered, and scaled critters all of whom own a piece of my heart. Occasionally one or more is downgraded on the affection ladder; depending on who most recently threw up on the bed spread or had diarrhea on the carpet (fortunately, it’s rarely the hubby), but for the most part I love them unconditionally – except of course for Clemmie, who is at this very moment barking at the voices only she can hear AGAIN…..but I suppose that’s neither here nor there……

I read a lot about just about everything with a new emphasis on parenting…but I particularly enjoy social/positive psychology, popular fiction, bibliographies, and travel documentaries, and of course my all-time favorite obsession; flat out smutty historical romance – just can’t get enough 🙂 I also have a huge soft spot for any of the humor writings found within Reader’s Digest, because really who doesn’t need a good belly laugh now and then.

Professionally, I have a background in veterinary medicine (DVM), psychology (BA), and business (MBA) and am forever looking for a way to make these interests combine. You could say I’m a professional job seeker/degree collector/dreamer. Currently and hopefully for the foreseeable future I am focusing my attention on family as a stay at home mom.

My current obsessions include downloading books for my kindle, rediscovering my library card, building joy centers on wetopia, and reading blogs and web sites dedicated to motherhood, charity, and homeschooling.